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Microsoft Incompatible With Microsoft

From (duh) Slashdot is this article:Microsoft.com Makes IE8 Incompatibility List!

“Microsoft is tracking incompatible Web sites for its upcoming Internet Explorer 8 browser and has posted a list that now contains about 2,400 names – including Microsoft.com. Apparently, even though Microsoft’s IE8 team is doing the ‘right’ thing by finally making IE more standards-compliant, they are risking ‘breaking the Web’ because the vast majority of Web sites are still written to work correctly with previous, non-standards-compliant versions of IE.”

Microsoft, here is the bed you made. Now spend some quality time in it.


Poorly-Named Website Of The Day

Here it is.  http://www.sitorsquat.com/ is a website that helps you find a public restroom, or help add to the database of public toilets.  They could have picked a different name, though.

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A new forum for programming questions

Joel Spolsky, of the brilliant blog Joel On Software (and some other folks) just launched a brand new forum website for software developers to help each other with programming questions called Stack Overflow (still in beta).  Read on…


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