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Woot.com turns 5, and still as fun as ever

woot.com, the online geek store phenomenon that sells one item each day, turned 5 last Sunday.

This is one of the more fun way to get deals on the InterTubes.  [almost] every day, at 12:00CST, they put up a new item for sale, and sell that one item until they run out, or 12:00CST the next day.  There’s a lively discussion forum to discuss the products among the other wooters.  Another great thing about woot is they write very funny descriptions of the products.

Every now and again, there’s a woot-off, where they sell a bunch of things in rapid succession, and deprive geeks worldwide of much-needed sleep and focus at work.

I’ve bought several things there, and have always been happy with them.  Just be aware that their cheap shipping is VERY slow.

Mortimer & Monte: In the Break Room
from Woot Video on Vimeo.

Oxygen: A 3D Animated Short

This is a humorous short video on the day in the live of a young Oxygen atom.

Produced by Christopher Hendryx as his thesis for the department of Computer Animation at the Ringling College of Art + Design, Oxygen is a really cool 3D animated short featuring Oxygen as our main hero, with various other elements thrown in as supporting characters.


The Most Amazing Music Performance Mashups

This guy Kutiman in Israel posted a whole bunch of videos to YouTube combining completely different musical performances into one unique song.  It’s totally wild, and sounds and looks great.  I really enjoyed it.

This is the first one, but there’s seven or so more.  Some are not as good as others, but I enjoyed this first one the most

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Top Ten Funniest YouTube Videos Evah

From makeuseof: My Top Ten Favourite Funniest YouTube Videos Ever.   I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Muppets.

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