Time management for job hunters is tricky.  On the one hand, many career counselors will tell you that finding a job is now your full-time job you should be spending 40 hours a week on.  On the other hand, once you’ve exhausted the low-hanging fruit, you’ll be hard-pressed to find 8 hours of productive activities a day.  It goes without saying that trying to do nothing else all day would lead most people to deep depression and/or anxiety  Imagine spending 40 hours a week trying to find a date.  Finding a balance and prioritizing are the key.

Working on your job search is great, but not if you’re really doing busy work.  Focus on high-value activities when you’re working, focus on high-fun activities when you’re playing, and you’ll be much happier.  And above all else, be honest with yourself which one you’re doing 😉  It’s essential to plan relaxation time in the day, because depressed interviewees don’t become employees.
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