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Ode to Jack Kerouac

Ode to Jack Kerouac is a beautifully done picture on Flickr.  The rest of Olivander’s photos can be found here.

World’s Weirdest Festivals

This is from The TelegraphThe World’s Weirdest Festivals.  That website is filled with all sorts of fun photo list,  For example, there’s The World’s Weirdest Hotels.

In other cool photo stories, A Tree Grows In Bronchi (I love a good cultural reference mashup).  You’re welcome.

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Beware The Sleeping Dragon

I do not know why.  It is beyond me.  However, it is mildly entertaining in a “Uh, there’s something I’ve never seen that before!”  This guy went around China taking pictures of people sleeping in public.  Over 700 of them.

Witness the splendor yourself.

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