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I Have Paper Clips Again

I mentioned in this post that I got laid off from Metatomix back in October. I just landed a Java/J2EE Software Engineering job at Litle & Co.. I started Monday, but I wanted to wait a few days to “make sure it takes”. But it feels good, I’ve already checked in some code, and have adapted to their pair programming environment. I wrote a bit about them in this post while I was still researching them, and I liked what I found. I already have a taste for their flavor of Kool-Aid, having done Agile and pair programming before, and similar work in similar technologies. This has all the makings of a good, long, run.


Eating Your Own Semantic Web Dog Food

I was heavily involved in semantic web, ontologies, and natural language processing in my last company.  I was supposed to work on that in my current company. In other words, I’ve been following this stuff for a while.  The realization I came to is that, while it would be cool if everyone added all this metadata to their content on the Internet, and the cylons could take care of complex tasks for us automatically, like “Book me a room in a hotel near the Hynes Convention Center next Friday through Sunday with one queen size bed, bill it to my Visa card, and send the confirmation email to my Blackberry”, it’s not going to happen.  The simple truth is it’s a lot more work than most content creators think is worthwhile, and adding metadata to existing content is nigh impossible.  Just to save some businessman about an hour poking around the Internet for hotel recommendations and booking a room. Read on…


A Glimpse Into What My New Employer Is Doing

ZDNet (Ziff Davis) has a blog called The Semantic Web, run by Paul Miller.  He recently interviewed Howard Greenblatt, CTO of Metatomix, and wrote a post called Metatomix seeks to bridge divide between structured and unstructured information. Read on…


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