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70 New, Useful AJAX And JavaScript Techniques

Smashing Magazine posted this article on some wonderful ways to use AJAX on  your website.  I’m not saying there’s a whole slew of new, innovative techniques there, but it’s really nice to have such a large collection of them in one place, with working examples.


Nice overview of JavaScript libraries and frameworks

webreference.com just posted this very nice roundup of JavaScript libraries and framework here.

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Very nice JavaScript drop-down menus

There are plenty of drop-down menus out there, but this one not only works well, but it’s easy to use, and has a “reuse-friendly license” (you can use it as long as you leave in the copyright notice).   This one is from SCL Software.   Unfortunately, some of the website is in Spanish, but I kinda was able to figure it out anyway.

The drop-down menu code is available here.  I originally found it in the daily email from javascript.internet.com (a wonderful resource), on this page.


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