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The History Of The Internet In A Nutshell

This is an awesome article.  I found the link from the Semantic Web group on LinkedIn.  I haven’t spot-checked it for accuracy, but there’s a fair amount of dispute over the history of computers and the Internet anyway.  But this article is very enjoyable, and includes many related historical points, like when certain companies formed, and the history of tangential technologies that made the Internet possible.  It’s a good read for geeks, and a great primer for geeks-in-training.


Timeline: 40 years of Unix

This is the 40th anniversary of UNIX.  ComputerWorld did a nice timeline of the history of UNIX.  As with anything (or anyone) with a 40-year history, there are going to be fuzzy spots and disagreements about what actually happened, but this accounting looks mostly sound to my eyes.  And I have been using UNIX/Linux for about 20 years.


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