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Cloud Computing: No Silver Bullet

But first, a rant about silver bullets.  CEOs love them.  Shareholders love them.  Politicians love them.  It’s too bad they are hardly ever real.  The world has a way of keeping itself in balance by using opposing forces and feedback loops (you know, like our government used to).  Sure, we find disruptive advancements in technology, math, and even anthropology, but even these usually have some sort of cost or downside.  While you keep trying to make alchemy work, we’ll just keep on finding significant, but incremental, improvements, and we’ll see who wins.

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Google’s Next Semantic Web Move

We all love Google.  And I’m not just saying that because I would love to work there.  Sure, there are other search websites, but for general use, Google works best for me.  And I’m not saying that because it usually brings me to the right Wikipedia page as the first result, or the cool logos.  They get the whole metadata thing.  They get the whole “The Web As A Database” thing, as does Yahoo.

Just the other day, Google announced on their Webmaster Central blog a new technology that will allow web devleopers to specify content for their website’s Rich Snippets (I found this on Dries Buytaert’s blog post, posted on a LinkedIn group).  Rich Snippets are tiny sections of a website that appear next to the link on Google’s search results page.  Depending on the kind of website, it might show reviews of the company/product, contact information for that person, etc.  That information is automagically derived from that page and related pages. Read on…


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