From Slashdot: Chicken Feathers May Hold Key To Hydrogen Storage. While what they say is plausible (in the MythBusters sense of the word), the original article is from Oregon, a source I know nothing about.A practical hydrogen car has been elusive for decades. Before the announcement this week by University of Delaware engineers, a nonstop trip from Portland to Eugene in a hydrogen car would need a tank bigger than 100 gallons to store liquid or gaseous fuel, even under high pressure.

Treated chicken feathers work like a sponge. They soak up large amounts of hydrogen and hold it in a small space so the tank can be a conventional size and the fuel won’t need to held under dangerously high pressures….

“It’s the most energy-rich material we have,” says Roger Ely, an Oregon State University professor who specializes in hydrogen, “It’s three times the energy content of gasoline on a pound-for-pound basis.”


Found on Slashdot: Energy-Generating Floors To Power Subway Displays In Tokyo.

In short, they’re installing piezoelectric circuitry in the floor.  Piezoelectric devices convert pressure to energy and back.  Squeeze them and they generate electricity.  Send electric waveforms into them and they vibrate to the pulses and make sound.  It’s what watches use for buzzers.  The system is going to be used to power ticket gates and display systems.  Here’s another article on it with more of a technical slant.

Two words:  Too Cool!