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Looking for Software Engineering Manager position

I am looking for Software Engineering Manager position in the Boston area, leading a team of (preferably) Java developers in an Agile environment.  My strengths are my diversity and depth of experience, perseverance, ability to learn new technologies quickly, and communication and organizational skills.  I’m happiest when I’m collaborating on hard problems, mentoring others, establishing best practices, and improving software.  I’m a strong believer in the Agile philosophies and principles, and valuing quality and teamwork.

If you are looking for someone like me, or know someone who is, please contact me at david@thekramers.net.


Doing Just What’s Needed

As a creative person (and as a geek), when building something (software or hardware), I often say to myself “For just a little more time and/or effort, I can add this cool feature.” There are many good reasons why this is a bad idea.  I would like to lead with the reason that has caused my blog to be stagnant for months, which is that doing more than you have to gets in the way of actually finishing.  An artist I almost knew once said “The hard part about painting, is not the painting, but knowing when to stop.

Since my last post, I’ve started about six posts that I never finished because I just wanted to add this one last point, or tweak that paragraph one more time.  The result was no visible work output, which is inexcusable for an Agilista. Read on…


I am once again employed

Last week I started my new job as a Principal Software Engineer at Workscape.  I’m back in another Agile position, working on Java (and starting work on Flex, too), which are the two things I was looking for.  I would have settled for a position at a company that wasn’t Agile, but it would have been hard, knowing the benefits of it. I was waiting to post this until I got my first paycheck or did my first commit of fixed issues, whichever came first. Thursday and Friday I fixed three issues, so now it’s official.

Workscape offers HR services to other companies and their employees.


Looking For Work. Again.

I am no longer at Litle & Co.  My separation agreement prevents me from discussing the details, but it’s fair to say I’m not very happy about it.

I have been a hands-on Manager, a Team Lead, and a Principal Software Engineer.  I’m looking for a full-time position in the Greater Boston area (but not downtown Boston) developing Java, preferably in an Agile environment.  I have extensive experience in software design and development, as well as hands-on management. My strengths are my diversity and depth of experience, perseverance, ability to learn new technologies quickly, and organizational skills.  My specialty is cross-platform development and tools.

You can read more about my skills and projects, and download my resume, on my portfolio page.


I Have Paper Clips Again

I mentioned in this post that I got laid off from Metatomix back in October. I just landed a Java/J2EE Software Engineering job at Litle & Co.. I started Monday, but I wanted to wait a few days to “make sure it takes”. But it feels good, I’ve already checked in some code, and have adapted to their pair programming environment. I wrote a bit about them in this post while I was still researching them, and I liked what I found. I already have a taste for their flavor of Kool-Aid, having done Agile and pair programming before, and similar work in similar technologies. This has all the makings of a good, long, run.


Got A New Job

I was Team Lead of a Software Engineering group at Aptima. Been there for about 3½ years. It’s a very cool company in a lot of ways, because there was a lot of scientific researchy stuff going on there. Mostly human factors, performance assessment, training, organizational and team design, modeling, and predictions. My group was the Presentation, Web, and Language Engineering group, so many of my projects required natural language processing, metadata analysis, extraction, and transformation, and web/web service interfaces. Read on…


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