I am starting a new series of posts on news and advice for both job seekers and employers.  This has been a hot topic for me for a long time, and my continued unemployment has made it even hotter.  I am involved with several unemployment support and networking groups, most notably WIND Networking (who I highly recommend).  I have studied job hunting like a science, and have learned many lessons from my own process, and from listening to others.  I don’t claim any special training in this area, but I have studied it for a long time, and what I do works well for me.  I have also been on both sides of the fence (interviewing and hiring others as well).  Since this topic is important to me, I added a new category (Employment) for these articles.  You can read all posts related to employment at this URL.

Years ago I had a series of pages on my old website about job hunting, but when I started porting it over to my new website, I found some of the information dated.  I will certainly copy over some of the content, but I think posting articles on topics will be more helpful than creating static pages again.  Please send me any and all comments and ideas for future articles.  Some articles I have already planned are preparing for a technical interview. time management, and establishing a presence online.

This article is on starting your job hunt.  There are several steps you should take once you “have gained increased daytime freedom”.  I cannot stress enough, though, that much of this you should be thinking about before you lose your job.  I will be driving that point on several of these suggestions.
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