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My name is David Kramer.  I live in the Boston area.  I’m an all-around geek, but I gets my stacks as a Manager and Software Engineer. I’ve got a very diverse set of interests, but the primary ones are Linux, Agile software development. open source software, science fiction, and really good chocolate.  More on that on my /etc/group page.

The previous version of this site was built by me using a LAMP architecture, with a bunch of cool subsystems I came up with for authentication, localisation, photo galleries, etc.  I designed it to be extremely low-bandwidth for the user’s sake (I have business-class internet access).  But when I went to redesign it (09/2008), I had to put on my Management hat and make a buy vs build decision.  I’ve been doing all sorts of dynamic JavaScript and AJAX stuff at work, but I decided that wasn’t the best use of my time.  So now I’m using WordPress.  The other reason I switched to WordPress over home-rolled is that I’m very into social networking and the semantic web.  With blogging software, I get categories, tags, RSS feed, etc all for free. Many of my posts will be mostly links to other content, because reuse is more efficient, just like with software development.  It also allows me to post much more often.

This website is more about sharing ideas about other things than it is about my life. I post interesting articles, events, tools, humor, and the occasional rant.  I am not yet a “blogger at heart”, but I spend a lot of time crawling the internet, and I like to share the jems I find.


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