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Looking to partner with Agile Coaches, especially in the Northeast US

I’ve been a Software Engineering Manager or Team Lead for a long time, and Agile coaching has been part of all of those jobs. I’m on the Board of Agile New England, and have been for about 10 years. I’ve been supporting the Agile community for about 13 years. Having helped multiple companies with their agility, I also have a feel for what works in specific situations, and a pragmatic approach to what and how implement it.

I’ve been a Software Engineering Manager or Team Lead for a long time, and I’ve been looking for another Software Engineering Manager position, but lately after speaking to some Agile Coaches I know well, I’m thinking of Agile Engineering Coaching instead. They both focus on something I am passionate about, which is focusing on the effectiveness and happiness of the entire team. They’re just going at it from different angles.

I have a competitive advantage, having so much experience with the tools and best practices of software development, especially in Agile Java environments, eCommerce, big data, Linux, automation, cloud, etc. I can focus on the technical practices and tactics like release strategies, branching strategies, Jira configuration, prioritizing testing, technical knowledge management and transfer, technical practices training, and continuous integration automation. These are areas I can help with. I’m also great at technical documentation aimed at multiple audiences.

I am looking for opportunities to partner with other Agile Coaches and Consultants that don’t have the technical experience to guide that part of their engagements, and could benefit from a relationship with someone who does. I have done this before, so I’m not completely new to this. I’m in Boston, and engagements closer to there would certainly make things easier, but I’m not limited to the Northeast.

If you know anyone who could benefit from this kind of partnership, or you yourself would, please reach out to me. I also welcome discussions and advice on this, as this is a new direction for me.


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