I am a Knowledge Geek.  I like collecting knowledge, searching knowledge, and organizing knowledge.  If you read my post on [post=”give-me-liberty” text=”my recent cellphone research”], you know what I mean.  I take notes at most meetings and conference I go to.  That often turns out to be very advantageous, especially on longer-term projects where it could be important to find out when a particular decision was made, by who, and why.  I’ve always named the files staring with the group/project/company name, followed by a YYYYMMDD timestamp, and optionally a topic after that, so finding things isn’t too hard.  The larger problem I started facing recently though, is I have been taking notes on multiple computers.  I needed a way of making sure I had access to at least some of these notes when and where I need them.

Up until fairly recently, I had my server and my laptop. All notes were taken on the laptop (and backed up to external USB drive).  Then I got an iPhone, and found note-taking on that quite practical (using QuickOffice).  Then I got a netbook (Dell Mini 10), and started using that for meetings (after I got the netbook, I didn’t use the iPhone for note-taking very much).  The end result was these meeting notes were not where I needed them.  I needed a way of synchronizing these notes between computers.
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