There are many types of people out there.  People love to categorize people, and I’m no exception. The human brain likes categorizing things, becaus it stores much of it’s data in a hierarchy. To be clear, I’m not talking a bout stereotyping, which applies attributes to anyone who exhibits other attributes (“anyone living in a trailer park is white trash”).

I was talking to a friend about other friends we have, and how some of them seem to actively seek out situations that invite chaos. I mean personal relationships, jobs, and housing situations that they know from the start, or soon after, will offer conflict, incompatibilities, or ethical quandries. Sometimes this happens due to lack of planning or insufficient research, but many times it seems to be intentional.

Other people trend toward more stable employers, more compatible partners, more trouble-free neighborhoods. It doesn’t seem to directly correlate to risk averseness. There’s something else. This is what I came up with.

Unicycle people go through life, often very successfully, always on the verge of tipping over. They don’t, because all these sources of conflict are pushing from different directions, somehow keeping the unicycle upright, but with great effort on their part. They often see it as the natural order of things

Car People are very stable. They take the time to find compatible, stable, supportive partners. They often stay at the same job (or at least the same industry) for a long time. Their lives are, in general, not necessarily more successful, but less stressful.

You might think that I am knocking the Unicycle People here, and praising the Car People, but that’s not the case. Car People have their own issues. For instance, cars are great at going straight, but it takes them a while to turn and adapt to changes in their environment.   Cars must also stay on the beaten path, while the chaos of the Unicycle People may lead them to many rich, unusual, and life-changing experiences.

Bicycle people have found a way to strike a balance between chaos and stagnation. They go off-road and have rich experiences and relationships without too many flat tires and scrapes.

As with most things in life, its best to strike a balance.  Even with chocolate 😉

PS: This was my first blog post composed on my iPhone.  Isn’t modern science wonderful?