Event: 05/28/09 Agile Bazaar Talk On Ineffective Scrum Practices

Title: Ken Schwaber on “Flaccid Scrum – A New Pandemic?”
When: Thursday, 06/18/09 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Where: MIT Building 26, Room 100, Cambridge, MA – Cambridge
Cost: Free

Scrum has been a very widely adopted Agile process, used for managing such complex work as systems development and development of product releases. When waterfall is no longer in place, however, a lot of long standing habits and dysfunctions have come to light. This is particularly true with Scrum, because transparency is emphasized in Scrum projects.

Some of the dysfunctions include poor quality product and completely inadequate development practices and infrastructure. These arose because the effects of them couldn’t be seen very clearly in a waterfall project. In a Scrum project, the impact of poor quality caused by inadequate practices and tooling are seen in every Sprint.


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