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Event: 05/28/09 Agile Bazaar Talk On Speeding Up Organizations With Agile Teams

Title: A Jet Engine On Your Pinto: When HyperSpeed Agile Teams Pull A Slow Organization
When: May 28 06:00 PM – 08:30 PM
Where: Pizzeria Uno – Newton, MA
Cost: Free, though donation toward food cost is welcome
Parking: Garage (entrance off Bacon St.) parking is free with validation from Uno’s

If you piloted an agile team that was successful, you might start a few more. If they were successful, you might then initiate a push to convert the whole company as soon as possible. One company did just that – started forty agile teams, each one delivering impressive results. But it strained the organization so badly that the whole agile program was scrapped. They are not alone – others have experienced this. It’s like installing a jet engine on an ordinary car; the engine will go fast but will tear the car apart. Unless you add the right support structures! We will examine what these structures are for companies on their agile journey.

Agile Bazaar is an ACM chapter and an Agile Alliance affiliate.  If you’re into Agile/Scrum/XP, it’s a great organization that has great meeting topics, and they welcome new ideas and topics.  Here’s the info page for the event.


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  1. Hi David

    Thanks for the invite, unfortunately I’m from the UK. I’d like to learn the outcome from the discussion going about avoiding the car being torn apart and best practice of building the “right” support structures.

    Enjoy the event

    Comment by Phuong Skovgaard | May 28, 2009

  2. If video/audio/PowerPoint gets posted, I’ll let people know. Sorry you can’t make it!

    Comment by David | May 28, 2009

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