Why is it that answering machines, no matter how fancy, don’t have a feature to mark a message as unread?  I mean, most households have more than one person in them, and the odds are good if a message is for one person, another person in the house might play the message.  Being human, odds are good they will forget to tell the intended recipient there is a message for them.  And if one of the cats answers the phone, well they don’t care about anyone but themselves anyway (except at mealtime).

Almost all answering machines are digital these days, so there’s no technological reason.  There isn’t even extra information to store.  All it has to do is not clear the NewMessage bit if the listener presses that button.  What do you think?  Will you invest in my company?  Or should I just sell the idea to VTech or Panasonic then move to Bermuda with the million dollars?

P.S. Just to make it clear to those who will read this and be tempted to rob my house, my next million dollars will be my first million dollars.


From Slashdot: Sticky Tape Found To Emit Terahertz Radiation.  Reading through the comments, this is more of an interesting curiosity than a practical discovery, but I find the explanation fascinating.  Terahertz-range radiation can be used for imaging, like C-rays.  Denser objects absorb more of the energy, so looking at the “shadow” from the other side of the object can show hidden weapons, etc.  Unlike C-rays, though, terahertz-range radiation does not harm the body.

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