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Conflict Is Essential

I recently posted on how failure is essential. Along the same lines of failure being essential to learning, conflict is essential to innovation and change.  I’ve often felt this.  Not everyone feels this way, but I love a healthy debate. Rick Brenner recently published an article in his Chaco Canyon series on this topic, called Teamwork Myths: Conflict. At my last job (Atpima), one of the many wonderful projects I worked on was called TeamBuilder (my name was conveniently left out since I left the company).  You can follow that link to read all about it, but the relevant concept is when you’re building teams that need to work on hard problems that may require out-of-the-box solutions, conflict can lead to new solutions.  Or at least a thorough review of the pros and cons of the known options.  When a team has a well-defined problem and must act quickly, conflict can be bad.  Just like tools, you need different ones for different tasks.


There Be Monsters. And Art.

Joseph Carnevale, a Raleigh, NC artist, was recently arrested for his art.  Well, to be precise, he got arrested because he made his art out of stolen traffic barrels.  Illegal, yes, but so fracking cool!  So cool, in fact, that the construction company was willing to forgive him and not press charges, but the police didn’t have the same appreciation for the arts that they did.

He’res MSNBC’s take on itThis post at Sub5Zero has more pictures.


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