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Event: 05/30/09 Linux InstallFest XXXIII

I’m Assistant Director of the Boston Linux and UNIX group.  A few times a year, we have an event at MIT where people come down with their computer and we help them install Linux, or just answer their questions.  The event is free (though we do ask for a donation, since we’re not-for-profit), and we’re there all day.

Date and Time: Saturday, May 30, 2009 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location: MIT Building E51, Room 061

Summary: A periodic get-together where volunteers from our group help people with Linux installation and other hands-on issues.We invite you to become a member of the Boston area Linux community and offer our assistance in getting Linux installed on your computer.

We hold our InstallFests several times each year; we meet on a weekend at a location where people can bring in their computers and we can help them install Linux or other Unix variants. It’s also a great way to get together and share our collective experience with each other in a hands-on learning environment, in the grand tradition of the UNIX community.

For more information, check out the page on the BLU website.


A Compendium Of Linux Documentation

The other day I posted about the reference material available on DZone.  Today I found this post on LinkedIn’s Linux Expert group from someone who has combined the input from the Linux Documentation Project and other sources into one indexed.  I poked around it and really like the way he’s organized it.  Check it out here.


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