I found ARTMARCOVICI from the oddly-name But Does It Float, which I found from the Some Random Dude mailing list and blog.  There is, of course, regular interesting art there. But he also has some interesting concept pieces I found fascinating.  Some are futuristic designs, some are more sociopsychological in nature.  I love the high-tech futuristic stuff, but what kept me on the site is the creativity and diversity.

As an example of the creativity is the project Hell.  The artist notes that Hell in German also means “bright”.  So he designed a display with insanely bright LEDs that form the word “HELL”.


From Slashdot: Microsoft May Be Targeting the Ubuntu Desktop.

“Microsoft is advertising for a new director of open source strategy, but this one has a specific purpose: fight the Linux desktop. ‘The Windows Competitive Strategy team is looking for a strong team member to lead Microsoft’s global desktop competitive strategy as it relates to open source competitors.’ For a variety of reasons, this move is almost certainly targeted at Ubuntu Linux’s desktop success.

Anything that worries Microsoft is alright by me.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am not totally anti-Microsoft products.  I believe in “the right tool for the right job”.  But I also feel Microsoft as a company has done some pretty illegal and immoral things, and that they need to be kept in check.  They need to be reminded there are viable alternatives to their products, so they can’t just do whatever they want.  I also believe that if you’re going to use single-source, single-platform technologies, there should be some advantage to doing so that makes limiting your deployment environment worthwhile.