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Rubens’ Tube: Real Life Sound Visualization with Fire and Propane

I love it when I can flag a post as both Science and Entertainment.  Basically, a Rubens’ Tube is a pipe with regular holes, a gas inlet on one side, and a speaker hooked up to a sound source on the left side.  The result is a stunning real world visualization of the waveforms.  And, there’s fire involved!  How cool is that?

This article on the Rubens’ Tube is from Information Aesthetics, a cool website all about intruiging ways of visualizing data.

Inspired by Lev Manovich’s definition of “information aesthetics”, this weblog explores the symbiotic relationship between creative design and the field of information visualization. More specifically, it collects projects that represent data or information in original or intriguing ways.

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Superior Bacon Technologies

First, we have The Bacon Explosion from BBQ Addicts.  It involves two pounds thick cut bacon, two pounds Italian sausage, and the second best cooking method ever invented (after engine block cooking, which combines cars and cooking).  I will carry this recipe around with me in my wallet, so if I am ever given the death penalty, I can tell them what I want for my last meal.
And it might just be worth it.

If that wasn’t controversial enough, we have bacon on a cat, from John Scalzi’s blog. I am against animal cruelty, but animal annoyance is just payback for all those furballs we have to clean up.

Now that you’re warmed up and in the theme, you’re ready for BaconCamp (modeled after BarCamp). They also have a blog, which includes wonderful posts like this one, with a YouTube video of bacon being made.

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