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Black Friday Looked Better Than Expected

I ordinarily wouldn’t post about this sort of thing unless I had something to add, and I do.  We had some relatives over this weekend, and we needed to go to the mall to get something.  We really feared the worst. Not only was traffic almost normal for a Saturday, but parking wasn’t too bad, and the mall itself wasn’t very crowded.

At the time, I had mixed feelings about this.  Of course it was nice to not have to use my boomstick to get some shopping done, but our economy seriously needs a bit of good news.  Regardless of what you think of the incoming regime in the US federal government, they are inheriting quite the mess.

Here’s a sampling of related news (sob) stories.  Some of them show a picture that’s not that bad, but not the big sign of consumer spending some were hoping for.  No arguing it was at least a little better than expected.


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