woot.com, the online geek store phenomenon that sells one item each day, turned 5 last Sunday.

This is one of the more fun way to get deals on the InterTubes.  [almost] every day, at 12:00CST, they put up a new item for sale, and sell that one item until they run out, or 12:00CST the next day.  There’s a lively discussion forum to discuss the products among the other wooters.  Another great thing about woot is they write very funny descriptions of the products.

Every now and again, there’s a woot-off, where they sell a bunch of things in rapid succession, and deprive geeks worldwide of much-needed sleep and focus at work.

I’ve bought several things there, and have always been happy with them.  Just be aware that their cheap shipping is VERY slow.

Mortimer & Monte: In the Break Room
from Woot Video on Vimeo.