Those who know me will back me up on this; I evaluate things fairly.  You will never hear me say $FOO is clearly superior than anything else, and there’s no reason for anyone to use anything else. That includes Linux and Linux distros.  I calls them as I sees them, and I do not feel that Linux is always better in every situation for every user, nor is one distribution/brand of Linux clearly the best for all situations.  And I’ve been using Linux since Red Hat 4.2 in 1997 (I still have the disks).

I recently installed Ubuntu Karmic (9.10), waiting a few months after release as I usually do so the major bugs are already fixed, and ran into many more problems than I expected.  I find this unfortunate, because one of the main reasons I switched from Fedora to Ubuntu is no longer valid.  Some of this post is about this release, and some is about the state of Linux in general.

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