Portfolio: Lists Of Links

LOL (Lists Of Links) is a web-based application based on Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, jQuery, and AJAX.  Its purpose is to provide an interface to website links categorized in hierarchical trees.  Multiple lists can be managed, and each list can be password-protected.  Branches of the category hierarchy can be expanded or contracted for a clearer UI, and lists can contain links to other lists.

There are a few existing websites that allow users to build up lists of links, but I would rather not have some of that data on other peoples’ servers, especially with the explosion of data leaks that have happened in recent years.  This project is partly to fill that gap, and partly to enhance my Spring, Hibernate, and jQuery skills.  When finished, I will release this application as Open Source.

LOL is currently in the design stage.  I will update this page as it progresses.


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