Check out this YouTube video showing the Barbecook grill.  This is ridiculous.  I get poked fun at because I grill with gas (then again, I often grill three times a week, and in the dead of winter).  But here you have a grill that uses coal, but the food’s never directly over the coals.  I’m sorry, if the drippings aren’t hitting the heat source, and that flavor ending up back on the food, it ain’t grilling.


Microreview: Most Excellent!

I bought this book because I was working on some gnarly multithreading problems.  I was hoping to get up to speed on the wonderful new concurrency classes added in Java 1.5 to replace the boring old Thread class.  What I got was so much more.  It goes into great depth in:

  • Preventing thread data escaping (what happens in thread, stays in thread)
  • How to divide work among threads
  • Exactly why the New Hotness is better than the Old Stuff
  • The difference between the various implementations of the New Hotness

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Steven Colbert got a huge number of his audience to vote for his name in the NASA contest to come up with a name for the space station module. While his name was by far the winning vote, NASA has chosen to not only go with the highest-voted name, but to go with the eighth most popular name, Tranquility.  The new name was announced on Colbert’s show last night.

But Colbert didn’t go home empty-handed.  As a consolation prize, they named a new treadmill after him.  It’s the Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill (COLBERT).  I don’t think that’s good enough.  Whether you’re a Colbert fan or not, popular vote is the American way.  I’m kinda disappointed.  I guess there’s a fine line between “Popular Vote” and “Mob Rule”, but to select the eighth most popular vote seems like a sham to me.

This article has all the details.


Behold the madness from this TVWeek post (I implore you to read the comments on that page, too): The Sci Fi Channel is renaming themselves in July to “SyFy”.  Yes, it sounds the same, but it’s spelled different.  But there’s one thing even more idiotic than the name change itself: the reasons for doing so.

They are changing the name in July because “The name Sci Fi has been associated with geeks and dysfunctional, antisocial boys in their basements with video games and stuff like that, as opposed to the general public and the female audience in particular”, and because some brain-dead lemming thought that “SyFy” is how the hipsters type it in text messages anyway.

They say they’re aiming for the “18-to-34 techno-savvy crowd”.  That’s all I need to hear.  So they’re looking for people who listen to Moby and 808 State?  Maybe the problem isn’t the channel’s name, as much as it is that 40% of their airtime is reality shows and wrestling.  Is that what the “18-to-34 techno-savvy crowd” is looking for?  Ghost Hunters and three movies a week about gargantuan snakes?


From The Gothamist: The Greenwich Village Bakery in Manhattan started making a new cookie called “Drunken Negro Face” cookies in honor of our new president.  According to the article, the owner’s explanation is “They’re in honor of our new president. He’s following in the same path of Abraham Lincoln; he will get his.”

Drunken Negro Face Cookies

"Drunken Negro Face" Cookies

This is an impressive level of racism.  I hope he gets his from all the publicity this causes.