Originally from Slashdot, here’s the original article at physorg.com.

The key to the surprising discovery is tequila’s ratio of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, which lies within the “diamond growth region.” The resulting diamond films could have inexpensive commercial applications as electrical insulators, say researchers Javier Morales, Luis Miguel Apátiga, and Víctor Manuel Castaño from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Morales is also with Nuevo León´s Autonomous University).

Whether you think this is a perfect waste of good alcohol or a brilliant scientific innovation says a lot about you.


Now there’s an easy way to tell!  I submit to you for your convenience:

http://www.hasthelhcdestroyedtheearth.com (p.s.  view the page’s source for added humor).  In case you want to track the history of all the times LHC has destroyed the earth, there’s an RSS feed too.

Contrary to recent rumors, the LHC wasn’t supposed to have destroyed the earth yet.  They ran a test of a beam going clockwise, and a beam going counterclockwise, but not at the same time.  No two beams, no collision, no destruction of the earth.  Sorry, you’ll have to wait.

Here’s more information at Seed Magazine