Now there’s an easy way to tell!  I submit to you for your convenience: (p.s.  view the page’s source for added humor).  In case you want to track the history of all the times LHC has destroyed the earth, there’s an RSS feed too.

Contrary to recent rumors, the LHC wasn’t supposed to have destroyed the earth yet.  They ran a test of a beam going clockwise, and a beam going counterclockwise, but not at the same time.  No two beams, no collision, no destruction of the earth.  Sorry, you’ll have to wait.

Here’s more information at Seed Magazine


At X-treme Geek:

Wi-Fi T-shirt

Wi-Fi T-shirt

The Wi-Fi detecting shirt actually detects 802.11b/g Wi-Fi signals and graphically displays the signal strength in lighted bars! Now you’ll always know the best place to sit in your Wi-Fi-enabled coffeehouse.

This is true geek cred.  I hear they’re working on a “Nerd-Loving Hottie” detection T-shirt.


Disclaimer: I know Walter Hunt, but that’s what lead me to find out abou this series; I liked them a lot regardless.

Walter Hunt‘s four-book series, The Dark Wing universe, hits a lot of the aspects of SF I like. Lots of real, multifaceted characters, lack of pure good and pure evil, somewhat hard SF, and first-person aliens. Yes, one of my favorite types of SF is when you’re put in the head of a creature that thinks completely differently than we do. Hunt takes that to such an extent that he even has each race use a different numbering system based on their environment and physiology, as ours is.

He recently ran into some issues with his publisher, and then his next publisher, and I truly hope that all gets resolved soon. I also hope he comes out with another book or two in this series. I know he’s wrapping up a book right now that’s not in this universe, and I’m anxiously awaiting that.

If you’ve read those books, I would love to hear your thoughts on them.


Cheat sheets (also known as reference cards, reference sheets, etc.) not only helps you remember things quickly, but can also serve as wall decoration for your workspace.

In this post, you’ll find 28 excellent, useful cheat sheets in various file formats for Photoshop, Dreamweaver, colors, typography, and other web-design related topics all in one page with pictures of each cheat sheet.

If you’re looking for front-end web developer cheat sheets (more CSS, HTML, and JavaScript) check out Cheat Sheets for Front-end Web Developers.

Personally, I get mine from Visibone.