I volunteer at the Watertown HATCH Maker space in Watertown, MA. I approach Arduino differently than a lot of makers because I come from a professional software background. As such, I value high quality, maintainable, self-describing software over “just making it work”. Of course there’s a time and a place for both.

  • I built a wearable convention badge with color changing lights that responds to the environment, using the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express
  • I created a lighting controller that switches 110v lights, and can make RGB color changing LEDs go to the music, has Bluetooth and keyboard control
  • I am working on a house monitor that will report temperature, humidity, lights left on, faulty sump pumps, HVAC error conditions, and water leaks

All of my work is open sourced. Here is my Arduino GitHub repository.

I currently offer three different Arduino classes. Here are the slide decks for them:

  • Arduino 101: For beginners to both Arduino and programming. This class covers basic programming concepts.
  • Arduino 102: For those with some programming knowledge, but no experience with Arduinos.
  • Arduino 201: For those who have experience using Arduinos and programming, and want to take it further.
  • IoT working demo that is part of the Arduino 201 course

The Arduino 101 and 102 classes are hands-on, and you can do the projects along at home. Here are the required parts for participating.

IMPORTANT: If you are using clones of real Arduino boards, like the ones the HATCH gives out for free, you will need to install the Windows driver for the USB to serial chipset (CH340) they use. Follow the instructions at

Other Arduino resources