I am looking to lend my expertise to other companies

Friends, I am looking to lend my expertise to other companies, having ended my last engagement.
My main focus is empowering teams to become more effective and fulfilled. I have done so through various roles, including Software Engineering Manager and Agile Coach, and am open to both.

I have been on the Board of Directors of Agile New England, a community-focused not-for-profit group focused on promoting agile and lean, for about 10 years, and a member for 15, driving/contributing to agile and digital transformations of companies. My technical background means I can implement actionable changes in practices, processes, and tools to increase agility, specifically tailored for the situation.

My decade of leadership experience focuses on empowering teams, including all voices, to find the best ideas and get to the true nature of impediments to happy and effective teams. I didn’t just rise to management; I have a degree in it, and leadership has been my goal throughout my career. I have extensive experience in the technical and organizational sides of software team management, and success in turning around ineffective and disgruntled teams. My technical background and R&D experience supports deep involvement in the technologies and their use, quality best practices, and troubleshooting.

You can read more about my management background at http://www.thekramers.net/r/mgt and more about my Agile experience at http://www.thekramers.net/r/agile.

If you know of a company that can benefit from my experience, please let me know. I would prefer full time employment, but am open to contract work. Thanks in advance.


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