Agile New England Going Strong!

Agile New England, one of the groups I’m on the board of, had a sold out meeting this week. We even asked our hosts to expand the capacity of the room and still had a waiting list.  Janet Gregory spoke about the pitfalls of testing, how to tell when you’re in trouble, and how to get out of it.  The audience was fully engaged, and there were lots of great questions.  Next month, Johanna Rothman speaks on Agile project management vs non-Agile project management.  Sign up quick!

Just as exciting, next week is our Agile Games 2011 event, which is almost sold out.  There are four or five tickets next.  What is it you say?

The Agile Games conference is an exploration of how concepts like serious play, collaboration, and experiential learning apply to the field of Agile software development and project management. Our theme for this year is “Learn. Share. Play!” More than a conference, this will be an experience where attendees will be able to learn new concepts, then immediately share and experiment with other professionals. Forget death by PowerPoint. Every single session we offer will be interactive, hands on, and – dare we say – fun! Whether you’re new to Agile, a capable practitioner, or a seasoned veteran, this conference has something for you.

This promises to be a great event for people at all levels.  If it interests you, sign up soon.


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