Two Upcoming Agile Events In Boston

I am a Team Leader in Agile Bazaar, a member of both the Agile Alliance and the ACM.  We have two events coming up in a few days.  Please go to Agile Bazaar for more information on either event.

Nanette Brown: Agile and Architecture: Crossing the Great Divide 

May 6, 2010 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm at the IBM Innovation Center, 404 Wyman Street, North Entrance, Waltham, MA

Agile development and software architecture are frequently seen as two divergent schools of thought or camps. Agile developers often refer to architecture as Big Design Upfront (BDUF) and may regard the architects major output as merely shelf-ware. Proponents of architecture-centric software development may see Agilists as undisciplined or short-sighted, engaged in endless rounds of refactoring which architectural foresight could have forestalled.

In reality, Agile development and software architecture practices are complementary. Focused attention on architectural concerns becomes critical as Agile development scales-up to handle larger and more complex systems. Agile developments focus on customer value, rapid feedback and response to change can provide practices that assist Architects in dealing with ever more volatile environments and increasingly compressed delivery cycles.

In this presentation, we will take a journey to each camp to dispel misconceptions and discuss how Agilists and Architects can learn from and benefit each other.

Deep Agile 2010: Empowering Teams with Agile Games

May 15-16, 2010 at Microsoft New England Research & Development Center, One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142

Agile development teams are like emergency response teams – they need to be ready to act quickly to new challenges and changing competition.

At the Deep Agile 2010: Empowering Teams with Agile Games seminar, you will experience techniques that teach agile teams how to work together effectively and adapt to changing conditions.

I say “experience” because, rather than hearing lectures, you will be learning actively through observation and situational experiences, led by professional coaches and engaged facilitators.

The seminar includes structured sessions along three tracks: games to learn, games to change, and games to do work. You can move between tracks to select the blend of exercises that best suits your needs. Sessions range from introductory Agile concepts, to the theory of constraints (via the “bottleneck” game), to innovative topics such as using the art of improvisation to facilitate teamwork and exploring emergent design.

The second day will feature an “Open Space” meeting session, in which participants decide the agenda, then meet in breakout groups to explore the topics of greatest interest and share ideas for solutions. Open Space sessions are exceptionally stimulating and productive, because the discussions focus on the questions, problems and successes of you and your peers (See: the Agile Bazaar website for more information).

Of course the only way to gain all these advantages is to attend Deep Agile 2010: Empowering Teams with Agile Games in Cambridge, MA on May 15-16, so register today!

For more information and to register please go to


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