Secret Perl Operators

Yet another mailing list I’m on is Peteris Krumins’ blog, good coders code, great reuse.  He posts about software development, hacking, security, code reuse, etc.  This post is on advanced use of obscure Perl operators.

There is a mysterious underground Perl organization that hardly anyone has heard of. Their primary mission is to discover new secret Perl operators but they are not allowed to talk about them. I managed to infiltrate this organization and steal some of their secrets. Here are 8 secret Perl operators that I retrieved from their mysterious hoard.

This is a great (and entertaining) article.  However, it exposes the thing that I like the least about Perl; its reliance on punctuation marks to greatly change the meaning of a block of code, and the ability to replace a perfectly good explicit code block with a few squiggles and variable names to show how clever the developer is.  The trouble is, this cleverness make the code much harder to understand by the next person that needs to work with it.  These days, 9 times out of 10, code legibility and malleability will benefit a company much more than brevity.


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