Python Creator Makes Brave Move

According to this article (and others), Python creator and BDFL (“Benevolent Dictator For Life”) Guido van Rossum froze the Python language’s syntax and grammar in their current form for the the next few releases, and possibly longer.  The reasons are good ones; To let developers catch up to the latest release, to let the rich array of third-party tools stabilize, and to improve the quality of the existing libraries.

I think it’s a bold move, but the right move.  There are a lot of “hot” languages that are very popular right now, and Google just complicated the mix more with Go, a type-safe language bred for terseness.  Just like with Linux distributions, some people look for the New Hotness and some people look for stability.  Python, while very rich and powerful, is being rebalanced in this regard to ensure it stays reliable, predictable, and usable by the masses.  Maybe this step was possible because the language is essentially the brainchild of one BDFL instead of a committee, like Java.  Java remains my primary development language at this point, and it has definitely improved over the last few releases, but there are inconsistencies leaking into it.  They can’t even keep to a consistent release numbering scheme (you think they would have learned that lesson from their OS).

I hope the Python community achieves these goals they’ve set for themselves and makes Python even better.


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