For Those Truly Type A People

How about a toaster… with a countdown timer?  This toaster counts down the time as your slices of bread are gently transmogrified into toast.

Finally, a toaster that tells you exactly how much time is left before your toast will be ready. No more guessing when it will be done—and coming back to find it cold.Hectic mornings? This is the toaster for you! Unique digital toaster counts down the time until your toast is done on a backlit LCD screen, eliminating guesswork and making it easier to multitask amidst the morning hustle and bustle.

Large capacity and special features make this the ultimate household toaster.Four-slice toaster has 3 indicator lights and easy-touch control buttons that let you toast frozen goods like waffles, stop toasting mid-cycle, and reheat cold toast without overbrowning. Plus, the bagel function with “set and forget” slide control toasts the cut side of the bagel and warms the outer crust. Electronic sensor ensures consistent browning, every time.

This toaster is also perfect for people with CDO, which is a very serious condition.  CDO is
OCD, but with the letters in alphabetical order, the way they should be.

For the type B people out there, how about a hammer with a built-in bottle opener?


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