A Win For Team Linux

Red Hat (RHAT) is to be included in the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index next week!!!  That’s just so cool.  While I switched to Ubuntu a while ago myself, Red Hat is a great company with great products, and they contribute very heavily to the Linux kernel, drivers, and software.

From MarketWatch:

(RHT 20.60, -0.26, -1.25%) surged Friday evening after Standard & Poor’s said the open-source software firm will replace CIT Group Inc. /quotes/comstock/13*!cit/quotes/nls/cit (CIT 0.70, +0.29, +70.73%) on the S&P 500 Index /quotes/comstock/21z!i1:in\x (SPX 940.38, -0.36, -0.04%) . Raleigh, N.C.-based Red Hat will be added to the benchmark as of the close of trading on July 24 and will rank last on the index. CIT, which is facing a liquidity squeeze, is currently in discussions with potential lenders to secure rescue financing. Red Hat shares were up 8.5% at $22.35.

The main reason I moved away from Red Hat are:

  1. The RPM packaging system was causing me a lot of problems, because there were conflicts in the third-party repositories that held a lot of the software that I needed, and some dependencies could not be resolved.  That limited my software selection, and caused warnings to be thrown every time I upgraded.  Ubuntu has a much bigger software repository, so there’s hardly anything that I need to get packages for that’s not directly from them.  And Ubuntu, based on Debian, uses .deb packages, which seem to have a much more robust dependency system.  I never have orphans, and I’ve never been told a package can’t be installed because a dependency can’t be found.
  2. I needed to upgrade my server just at the time KDE4 came out on Fedora.  I’ve been using KDE for a very long time, but I absolutely hated what they did to KDE 4.  They actually removed functionality, and made all the icons and graphics look like slick pieces of hard candy, so they all look alike.  How is that an improvement?  As it happens, this was a false gain on my part though, because after fooling around with Kubuntu (Ubuntu + KDE 3), I decided to give Gnome another try, and finally grokked it.  So now I use Gnome 😉  I still use a lot of KDE apps, though.

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