Religous “EXCUSE ME!?!?!” Of The Day

I apologize in advance because (1) this is a hot topic that may offend some, and (2) I posted like 87 times today.  However….

I just saw this article on WBUR’s website (the local NPR station) saying the Vatican is starting this huge investigation of U.S. nuns because they’re straying too much from Catholic doctrine, and not promoting church teachings.  Now, I’m not Catholic, and I’m seeing this from an American perspective, and allegation != guilt, but it seems odd to me that all these priests are found doing illegal and harmful things, and it’s all apologies and shuffling them from one area to another, but The Inquisition II is fired up because nuns aren’t wearing their habits.  I don’t get their priorities.

There’s a battle going on in many religious institutions, both internationally and locally, and that’s purity vs popularity.  Should a religious institution stay true to it’s original doctrine and morals, or should it bend with the times just a bit in the name of staying connected to their “target audience”?  Obviously, opinions on this will vary wildly.  Then there’s the cultural differences between different countries.  As that article rightly points out, the US has a highly individualistic culture, so some rules that aren’t a problem in Europe may be harder to follow here.

I would really like some feedback on these issues.  I think it’s an interesting problem.



  1. Why is this a ‘problem’ exactly? Is it your problem?Obviously it bothers you. I am not sure why because you state that you are not Catholic. Even if you were couldn’t you leave said group? Maybe start your own or join another one?

    I think whatever the wants to do is up to them. If you do not like it then do not join it.

    I like that better than forcing your ideas onto organizations/groups to which you do not belong.

    If enough people leave maybe they will look to change… or maybe they wont.

    1. I am not a Catholic, but I am affected by what happens with other humans, and groups of humans. It’s not that I feel for the nuns who are being subject to this investigation. It’s that the group seems to think that “underperforming nuns” is a problem that requires much energy and time, while physical and sexual abuse of children is something to be swept under the rug and minimized. To be clear, I don’t think the Catholic church has a monopoly on this, but I feel they’ve done the most to bury and hide it.

      We live in a large, complex world, can one cannot just say “If it doesn’t affect me directly, then I don’t have to worry about it”, because these things have a habit of affecting you in the end. For instance, all the families with no kids that rail against paying taxes for schools, etc. don’t see that without a chance for kids to stay off the streets and learn and become employable, the poor stay poor, resort to crime, and become a menace and burden to society. Likewise, if a group of people think it’s OK to abuse kids, and those kids accept that abuse as a norm and continue the practice when they grow up, society certainly suffers, so it damn well involves me.

      Thank you for your comment, and the opportunity to clarify my position.

  2. To clarify my position…

    Membership in any group does not exuse you from obeying the law.
    To me, ‘nuns aren’t wearing their habits’ and ‘a group of people think it’s OK to abuse kids’ are quite different.

    One is against the law and one is not.

  3. David – I didn’t see the story but also find it interesting. Thanks for bringing it up. I was raised Catholic, though am not one now. You rightly point out the different standards for men and women. It’s amazing that a minor thing like a change in dress by women prompts international scrutiny, while the church tried hard to bury the serious abuses they knew men in their organization were committing. The double standard is quite glaring here.

  4. My x-wife was a nun. The Church seemed to never care about them. They were psychologically abused.
    The only problem I could see in the article, if true, is thatsuggesting that Jesus Christ is, was, and forever be the only Son of God. I would suggest that every Christian pray often requesting God to allow everyone after they are dead to see what heaven (being with God) really is and giving them opportunity to choose their final destination.

    Concerning the “catholic Church” might I suggest that the vatican place 100% of their efforts into ensuring that believers are physically and speritually nutered by the Priesthood. And, not abused by them.

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