Microsoft Rebrands Its “Live Search” As “Bing”

Slashdot brings us this article on Microsoft trying to invent the search engine.  Again.  Because what hotter name could you possibly think of for a search engine than “Bing”?  Note that it’s Bing as in cherries, not Bling as in jewelry.

I did reply to the post with a Faulty Financial Comparison warning for comparing Microsoft’s net loss to Google’s gross profits


A later article on FastCompany filled in some more details.  The big new functionality in Bing is that you don’t just tell it keywords to match linguistically with, you tell it the kind of thing you’re looking for (a business, a person, a service, a book,…) and it uses its “Decision Engine” to return pages on that kind of thing.   I hope it’s either very good or very bad.  Because if it’s sorta OK, it will get in the way of true Semantic Web work that can solve these problems right.


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