Happy WordPress Theme Hacking

My WordPress theme is based on Andreas04.  When I implemented it on my website, though, I found all sorts of problems with it once you start shoving real content in it.  I had to tweak it quite a bit.  I’m still not exactly in love with the way the footer came out.  It was worth it, though, because I found it very hard to find a theme that:

  • Used fairly high-tech colors and layout:  Many themes use more earthy colors, or were tied too close to a topic.  My blog is way too diverse to do that.
  • Had the right color contrast: Many themes were very low contrast, with background and text colors that were very close to each other, and different sections nearly the same color.
  • Used the full page width using relative column widths: Almost every theme uses absolute column widths that use a tiny portion of the screen width, with completely dead space on both sides. Back when print was king, empty space was a status symbol, especially in advertisements.  I abhor empty space, especially on the sides of the page, especially when it’s almost impossible to find a monitor that isn’t widescreen.

Anyway, I put a lot of efforts into adding lots of tags on my pages.  While they are helpful in searching, I realized they never actually get displayed.  So I modified the index.php and single.php to display the tags in the footer area.  What do you think? Please comment.



  1. The “Entertainment” tag has grown so large (its font size is probably now the maximum of all the tags), and it is such a long word, that when your pages are shown on a less-than full screen (e.g., 12″ diagonal across my 15″ laptop screen) the rightmost letters of “Entertainment” obscure the Categories to its right (today, Sci Fi and Science). Can you “hyphenate and wrap” a tag (oy, the code…)? Can you set a “min” on column-width for the Groups And Accounts and Tags navigation (aka “footer”) column?

    Apart from that one nit, I really like your layout and your color-choices in this theme. (Would the WordPress site accept contributions, including all of where you had to “tweak”?)

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