Blank Is The New Black

From Slashdot: DJ Danger Mouse Releases Blank CD-R To Spite EMI.

DJ Danger Mouse famously fought with EMI over his Beatles/Jay-Z mashup, ‘The Grey Album,’ and now seems to be battling with the label again. Rather than release his latest album and face legal issues with EMI, Techdirt is reporting that Danger Mouse will be selling a blank CD-R along with lots of artwork, and buyers will be responsible for finding the music themselves (yes, it’s findable on the internet) and burning the CD.

I find it fascinating how many of our largest staple industries are screwing themselves over by not keeping up with the times.  The music, auto, banking, telecommunications, and power industries are all in deep kimchee because the world changed around them (their supply, demand, competition, regulations, ecology), and they just stood there and said “This is the way my father did it, and the way my father’s father did it…”  Their advisers tell them to cleanse their blood with leaches and stay out of the night air.


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