Deep Agile 2009 Update For The Unemployed

In this post, I talked about the upcoming Deep Agile 2009 event. Apparently there was some confusion about the “hardship discount”:

Are you unemployed? About to be? Hardship discounts are available for Deep Agile 2009 for those who wish to learn about modern embedded software development techniques and to network.

Due to strong sponsorship and great speakers, our Deep Agile event for April 25-26 has passed the “break even” point. As a community based non-profit professional group we can now afford to help more people attend this first of its kind event. In light of the current economic situation, we are offering discounted hardship tickets, priced at $75.00 for those who are unemployed, about to become unemployed, or who have some similarly difficult circumstance. Don’t wait – it’s first-come-first-served and seats are limited.  Please contact us via this link and include “hardship request” in the subject field to request a hardship discount. Continental breakfasts, lunches, and Saturday dinner are included in the price. (Note that Saturday dinner seats are limited and will soon be gone.)

Just to make it perfectly clear, this means that the entire ticket price is $75.  It’s not a $75 discount.  Woot!

Sorry for posting so much about this event, but I think it’s going to be a good one, and I’m all about helping the unemployed.


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