I Hate Boring People

OK, so you know I like to play word games.  I’m actually writing about a family, the Borings.  Of course, if they really lived up to their name, I wouldn’t be writing about them, would I?

Apparently, they’re very private people.  They live in a secluded house on a private road in Pittsburgh.  Along comes the Google Maps Street View team, running their 360° cameras, up the road they (allegedly) don’t know is a private road, and shoot video of the road and the house.  The Boring family finds out, freaks out, and gets their lawyers out.  They sue Google for tresspassing, invasion of privacy, and a few other serious-sounding charges.  The court eventually threw out the case, essentially because (1) they platintiff simply didn’t make a strong enough case for compensation, and (2) Google actually has a system in place to request images of a person’s house be removed from their website, but they chose to sue instead of use it (Google did remove the content when asked nicely).

I strongly believe people need a mechanism like law suits to fight injustice, but this is a prime example of why the system doesn’t work better.  It’s clogged up with cases like this.  You can read more about this case here.


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