Scientists Build Neonatal Incubator From Car Parts

From SlashDot: Scientists Build Neonatal Incubator From Car Parts.  Neonatal incubators normally cost about $40,000.  He built one for less than $1,000 using car parts.  The article points out how this could be a boon for developing countries, not just because they’re cheap, but because they’re easily and cheaply maintained.  Aparently, developing countries get plenty of donated neonatal incubators, but they can’t fix them once they break, and they do that alot.  Here’s the original article.


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  1. How much you want to bet that some American activist is going to turn around and complain about the cheap incubators and demand that the U.S. pressures third-world countries to make them illegal?

    (Okay, so I don’t actually want to bet. But sometimes, I’m a cynic. It wouldn’t surprise me.)


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