Perfect Action Film Hat Trick

I set up set up these three movies at the top of my Netflix queue:

Night Watch and Day Watch are the first two movies of a Russian trilogy by Director Timur Bekmambetov.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but Wanted was actually directed by Timur too!  Total coincidence.  All three movies are great good-vs-evil-except-its-not-clear-which-is-which.  Night Watch and Day Watch were both phenomenal movies (if you can do subtitles).  I was totally blown away by the plot, imagery, and acting.  I had a few minor problems with some of the segments, but overall I thought it was really good, too.

Only now I’m upset because I learned the third movie in the Russian trilogy is in trouble, and (at best) is going to be delayed.  The reason?  Because Timur went off to do Wanted. Bummer.  And, if it ever does happen, it will be filmed in English instead of Russian, because it will be partly funded by WB.

I highly recommend this triple-play.  And get the Blu Ray, if you have a player.  It’s worth it.


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