This Is What Happens When You Mess With Geeks

The short version: An anti-piracy group in Lithuania that was threatening to sue all the BitTorrent websites for millions of dollars, changed their name, but forgot to buy the new matching domain name, and wackyness ensued when one of the larger BitTorrent sites in Lithuania bought the domain name.  A $20 mistake they’ll never make again 😉

This article from TorrentFreak covers all the gorey details.  The best part is, there have been several cases in Lithuania of people buying domain names matching the names of large organizations who failed to do so, and in every single case where the organization tried to sue to get control of it, they lost.  As it should be.

How can a company that is totally focused on issues around the internet be so internet non-savvy?  Whether you think BitTorrents are good or bad, you gotta feel good about that aspect of the story/


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