A Glimpse Into What My New Employer Is Doing

ZDNet (Ziff Davis) has a blog called The Semantic Web, run by Paul Miller.  He recently interviewed Howard Greenblatt, CTO of Metatomix, and wrote a post called Metatomix seeks to bridge divide between structured and unstructured information.
I thought the article did a really good job of describing what we’re trying to do with this technology.

The approach being taken by Metatomix is interesting, as it recognises the reality of the current information landscape. Today, and for the foreseeable future, the clean and well-structured data that we tend to focus our analyses upon is swamped by a mass of unstructured ‘supporting’ material. In law enforcement, for example, the structured recording of gender, date, time, and crime codes is often enriched by the content of freeform notes fields that are poorly exploited by all too many of the tools we regularly use.

By developing tools that enable rapid and integrated analysis of both structured and unstructured data, we should provide capabilities that enable the rapid and important decisions made in business and government every day to be more informed, more accurate, and more effective.


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