The Voice Of The People: More Scary than Halloween

In a recent post, I pointed to an article on some of the social network website tracking the election.  I have since learned of another, much scarier one.  More scary than any Halloween costume.

SayHear is a website that lets users call into a phone number and leave a short message on why they plan to vote for Obama or McCain, or not vote at all. You can play back these , messages from their website. Each message is tagged with the caller’s preferred candidate, and the city/state they’re from.

This is simply a not-for-profit interactive experiment in the power of being heard. There is no cost (toll rates only), no profit, no distribution of any information, no political agenda. Your privacy is respected and secure.

Here’s the scary part; I was hoping for some rational discourse and feedback on talking points. What I found was mostly people listing their one single hot button issue, in the exact negative campaign speech phrases being slung about (mixed with a good deal of “I can’t vote for a n*****”).

I remember when I was going to school, the smart teachers knew that the closer your answer was to the verbatim words in the textbook, the less you actually understood the material.  It’s all very “mobs running through the streets with pitchforks all chanting the same mantra”.  This is coming from both sides, blue and red.

It’s very easy to live here in the northeast and say “How can they possibly re-elect Bush?”, but it happened.  Many parts of the country simply have different goals and motivations than we do.  And that’s fine.  I don’t feel superior because I’m more progressive.  I do feel superior because I looked at the issues and have informed opinions, instead of emotionally charged slogans and myopic focus on who loved God more, or will lower my taxes and the rest of the country be damned, or who will save the unborn foetuses.

I just want people to think.  But I guess that’s not human nature.  Or maybe I shouldn’t have watched The Island this weekend.


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