Learn To Think Like A Programmer Visually

One of the technologies we’re fooling around with at work is microgames, which (in our case) are very small games, usually implemented in Adobe Flash, that take a couple of minutes to play.  They often involve logic puzzles, and “training you without you knowing it”.

I just found this really fun one called Light-Bot.  The goal is to give a robot a series of instructions to traverse a path of blocks to light up the blue ones.  You write the program visually by dragging action icons onto program slots and then running the program.The problem is, there are only so many program slots  However, you can write two subroutines for repeating sequences.  In order to complete each level, you have to gain new skills, like knowing the side effects of each command, accomplishing your goal in as few steps as possible, code reuse (sound familiar?), choosing the best order of operations, etc.  In other words, basic programming skills.  I had a lot of fun with it (I already know programming).

The publisher, Armor Games, has tons of these games, nicely broken down into categories.  Obviously, Adobe Flash required.


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