A new forum for programming questions

Joel Spolsky, of the brilliant blog Joel On Software (and some other folks) just launched a brand new forum website for software developers to help each other with programming questions called Stack Overflow (still in beta). 

Here’s why I’m excited about this:

  • This is 100% by programmers, for programmers.  I poked around it a bunch today, and there are really good questions and really good answers.  No 1337 speak, no IM chat TLAs.
  • I like Joel’s work and I mostly agree with his points of view.
  • This is 100% open and free.  Some site, like Experts Exchange, charge to see answers.  Others make you jump through hoops to use the site.
  • You can post without registering.  However, registering (free and easy, with an OpenID) allows you to “develop a reputation” as others rate your questions and answers.
  • Full semantic web goodness with tags and categories

There are lots of fora out there for programming questions, but I have high hopes for this one.


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